About the Game

Deozoa is a monster catching video game combining the rich storytelling of an RPG with the combat systems of a turn based strategy.

As you explore through the world you will discover and capture over 90 monsters called Deozoa. Unlike other monster games, your 10 playable human characters battle side by side with their Deozoa to fight their way to victory.

Our number one priority is to build an exciting, high quality RPG that is unique and fresh. Our game will boast:  

  • One Time Game Purchase for all 90+ monsters, characters, and story. The game will be developed for iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) and Android (phone and tablet), PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Capture and Befriend Over 90 Monsters: Each teammate can be assigned one Deozoa to fight with them on the battlefield.
  • Evolve Your Deozoa: Like animals that grow from baby to adult, all of our Deozoa will grow into a new form as they mature. There are typically two to three monsters per family.
  • Recruit 10 Characters to Your Team: As you progress through the story, you will encounter 10 available warriors looking for an adventure, each a different class. Determine the best combinations of classes that complement each other to give yourself an edge on the battlefield.
  • Level Up and Upgrade Human Classes: There are 10 classes of human warriors to battle, each with their own unique stats and strengths. As enemies get tougher and the heroes get stronger, every class can develop into an advanced form for stat boosts.
  • Use the Elements to Your Advantage: There are 12 elements that all Deozoa and attacks fall into. Every element will have strengths and weaknesses against other elements, making each battle unique and challenging.
  • Rich RPG storyline: Unlike casual games, we will feature a fun RPG story to work through. We aim to provide an expected eight hours of gameplay in a single playthrough.