A fresh take on the monster catching genre.
Over 90 monsters, 10 playable characters and a rich RPG storyline.

Deozoa is a monster catching video game combining the rich storytelling of an RPG with the combat systems of a turn based strategy.

As you explore through the world you will discover and capture over 90 monsters called Deozoa. Unlike other monster catching games, your 10 playable human characters battle side by side with their Deozoa to fight their way to victory.

Will be available for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches as well as Android phones, Android tablets, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Support Deozoa!

If you want to help support Deozoa in these early stages of development, please click the PayPal button below!


If you give:

  • $5 or more - Thank you on the website
  • $25 or more - Exclusive Digital Book (will be released mid-February)
  • $50 or more - Name in the credits
  • $200 or more - Be an NPC! (only 15 spots left!) We will place you as a shop owner, barkeep, innkeeper, a townsperson, or an enemy boss! We get to decide who to place you as.

Note: You can still give if you don't have a PayPal account.

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